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Mekar Wangi House


Mekarwangi House (Wall and slab house)

Project: Mekarwangi House/Wall and Slab House
Site area: 100 sqm
Built-up Area: 225 sqm
Contractor: Confidential
Client: Confidential

Status: Commenced on October 2011
Principal: Asa Darmatriaji
Co-Principal: Kemal Ramadhan
Project Team: Davi Regines (Design Assistant)
Rendering: designstudio

Mekarwangi house is located in South part of Bandung city in Indonesia. The climate condition around it was relatively hot and humid, because it’s adjacent with the city industrial zone. This condition lead us to take account the hot wind and high humidity level in our design process. It was sited in a 100sqm plot of land. The owner’s requirements were quite a lot in comparison with the size of the plot.

Our main concept was introducing a wall and slab house that is nestled in between various types of neighbouring buildings, which lead us to provide an open plan concept on each floor which is suited with the client profession and give a freedom to the client to modify the house. The house design approach is able to adapt for several functions; by applying several layers on the wall and slabs will allow the user for more control. The first layer of the building or windows are adjustable to rest on one or both sides of the neighbouring walls, and in the second layer with perforated metal which will allow the owner to manually or mechanically to limit or control the direct sunlight according to their necessities. The house was designed to avoid columns that are exposed, and each floor is free open space that could be used for multi purposes.

Architecture has been a tool of commodities that are being traded like a fashion, whether being shown either in public or for private purposes. The main concept was inspired from an open concept of Sundanese traditional houses in Indonesia which would bring the house user to embrace his or her own personality to their surroundings; the design was intended to achieve certain level of efficiency, simplicity, openness, which tries to emphasize the main characteristics of our traditional culture.

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