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Prefabrication house/modern contemporary tropical house as an alternative solution
Rapid fire technological development and the elaboration of machinic aesthetic have a large contribution nowadays for us architects, designers, artists, engineers, and many other industries were affected. The main tasks for us are to adapt and also to be critical in terms of use, waste consideration, and the holistic processes behind a product, which in turn could embrace the idea of design for optimization. The use of CNC machine and laser cutting which has been a new choice for rapid prototyping, it is an alternative to design a panelized house, which each elements were not identical, but it has similar characteristics and it will be processed through integrated machine and software, which we planned to be reused.
In traditional notion of tropical architecture all elements were read as its individual meaning, function, aesthetic and symbolism, where with the idea of modern contemporary tropical house each element contribute for a larger scale, in the same time it is more holistic, and it can’t be breakdown into its individual element, whole to whole relationship were introduced. The modern contemporary tropical house were composed through integrated elements not one but a whole relationship. 
Renewable plastic polymer or light steel panels that serve the purpose of building skin, wall, windows, structure, roof, if we repeat continuously as part of fabrication process it would be ideal as a mass housing concept. The ideal modern contemporary tropical house should be able to be dismantled and all parts can be used for other purposes in the future. Wall as column and also as windows, which took an important part for natural ventilation.
Structure as an ornament, perforated walls, shaded skin, it could contribute an alternative solution for the new typology of 21st century tropical house, which it is still as part of our research and it will be developed further in the future. 

Principal                 : Asa Darmatriaji
Co-principal          : K.A. Kemal Ramadhan A. 
Project assistant    : Amelia Syafitri

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