Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Cigadung House

Here are short descriptions of the concept behind the project of Cigadung House
What is being the major concern of planning is mainly the consideration of a)program organizations and equally important is the b)arrangement
of the green spaces within the house e.g. inner court & courtyard and what are being offered there e.g. framed c)view toward softscape, water cooling system by reflective pool, and so forth. While this preconception has been d)influenced by well known architect of modern era who has influenced the tropical architecture, Geoffry Bawa, Sri Lankan architect. Both courtyard and inner court serve as a breathing space to get a natural air well, also a natural light, and also a principle of cross ventilation as main notions. Generally plan comprises of two main zoning, first floor, serve as a living zone, second floor serve as leisure&resting zone. As you can see from the plan sequentially you are heading from a free column space at main entry and the living room, it gets lower when it goes deeper inside toward the dining room and kitchen. This is an approach of open plan concept to allow the owners to arrange the furniture freely, a concept that is developed during early 19th century (adolf loos, mies van der rohe, etc) until present. It is a combination of tropical and modern architecture that has seamlessly blend as a unity. e)Sustainability that we approached using a collection from rain water that we filtered and recycle/reuse it for service purposes as one of the best way on house approached (bioswale system-water retention system and you need a bio filter pump to do it). Nonetheless, natural light hold an important value to save cost from over use electricity during day time. f)Control/Conscience of room sizes also takes part for creating an optimum planning task.

By reading through history of architecture you guys could find similar approached that has been done by Le Corbusier by doing a)double volume living space for reason of orienting and hierarchy of space you the user won't lost the orientation. Example of his work is Unite d Habitation in Marseille, France. Structurally all columns are hidden within the wall and within the vertical membrane of the facade to achieve the open plan concept. Despite, to achieve cross ventilation internal programs has to be arranged in such a way to get a thinnest possibility to the building. b)Placement, bedroom and toilet has to get a natural ventilation so it will be rationale.

If one of you has read short writing/manifesto written by Eduardo Soutu de Moura that he mentioned that there is no sustainable architecture in this world but there are good and bad architecture (contradiction between linguistic statement that has strong influences and practicality that has strong reason by experiencing it), a strong conception that he stated, I do agree with the statement built environment can only serve minimum damage to sustain the world or in other words consideration & understanding through context to achieve the right content. As I mentioned above sustainability considerations is the main concern everywhere in part of the world.

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