Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Green House

Rumah Hijau or Green House

is a concept of a modern house that interact fully with the surrounding environment and derived from ‘green concept understanding’ to optimize the design approaches with major concern from two aspects which are electricity management with optimum natural light & cross ventilations and water management using bio swale system on the landscape and utilize the rain water for external landscape watering and re-filtered to be used for service purposes.

Sited in West part of Jakarta originating the tropical climate with high humidity percentage and heavy rain season that occurs repeatedly, it takes into a consideration of all design aspects. Entering house from East side with few steps lead to double volume guest & living room with an elongated view toward reflective pool and courtyard, on the South block where the staircase to second storey there is an internal courtyard beside the guest bedroom to create a light court in between yet it functioned as an air space to all rooms. All the services area are pushed behind on West block where it has less opening and act as the service yard.

On second storey all bedrooms are orientated toward North & South side in the center space there is a small living room on the second storey as a gathering space for family members and all bathrooms at this level are arranged stacked above the bathrooms below.

The house are expressed in single block massing of two storey house with full glass height in front and expressing the L-section of double volume living room on the first storey and all bedrooms on second storey with full height window opening on the top large overhang pitched roof to adapt the local climate.

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